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The S4 Project

The Smart Sodium Storage System (S4) Project is a $10.6M project which aims to develop and demonstrate novel sodium-ion battery technologies for use in renewable energy storage applications.

The S4 Project is funded in part by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), and is being led by the University of Wollongong. Our Consortium Partners include Liao Ning Hong Cheng Electric Power Co., Hebei ANZ New Energy Technology Co., McNair Technology Co., and Sydney Water.

We'll be demonstrating these innovative sodium-ion batteries at the Illawarra Flame House in Wollongong, and the Bondi Sewage Pumping Station - located just behind Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach. The S4 Project commenced in early 2016 and will conclude in 2020.

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Why sodium?

Sodium-ion batteries are seen as one of the key alternatives to current lithium-ion battery technology. We're translating cutting-edge research into real-world devices, keep reading to find out more.

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Demonstration sites

We're demonstrating these novel sodium-ion batteries at sites in Wollongong and Bondi. Work is already underway preparing the renewable energy generation systems, and the sodium-ion batteries will be installed soon.

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Consortium Partners

We have brought together some of the best research, development and manufacturing partners to design these sodium-ion batteries, and one of Australia's most forward-thinking utilites to demonstrate this technology.

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